Discover Pelion, the gem of the Greek mainland
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Discover Pelion, the gem of the Greek mainland

Pelion is a charming mountainous peninsula in central Greece, found at a short distance from Volos, a large town in Thessaly with port and airport, providing access to the wider area.

Intertwining myth and natural beauty, Pelion is full of picturesque villages, built on mountain tops, with impressive architecture and rich tradition, and exotic beaches touching the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.

Pelion distinguishes for its varied landscape and is a popular destination all year round, attracting tourists of all ages and types. Relax in beautiful villas by the seaside or in cozy houses on mountain slopes and delight in the stunning natural beauty of the area.



pelion damma mia villas zagora village

All across the Pelion peninsula, on green mountains or by the seaside, stand unique villages, characterized by golden sandy beaches and charming cobbled streets.

Built around the central square, the villages retain their traditional architecture, maintaining old mansions with grey stone roofs, elegant houses, spring water fountains and imposing churches, decorated with impressive frescoes.

The best mountainous villages include the historic Makrinitsa, known as the balcony of Pelion, due to its magnificent views over the city of Volos, and the celebrated Portaria, built around a 13th century monastery, offering a lot of sightseeing and excellent nature, such as the waterfalls of Karavos.

Among the most beautiful mountainous villages are also the large village of Milies, where the renowned steam train “Moutzouris-Smudgy”, designed by the famous engineer Jiorgio de Kirico, reaches its destination, providing breathtaking views, and Tsagarada, particularly famous for the flower garden houses and a thousand-year-old plane tree.

Far from the mountainous background, Agios Ioannis is the most famous summer resort by the sea in Pelion. It is tourist developed and has many entertainment venues and perfect beaches, like Papa Nero, for swimming. In summer, a lot of festivals take place in Agios Ioannis, as well.



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Pelion coastline is a natural paradise, as it is lined up with unique sandy and white pebbled beaches, surrounded by rocky cliffs and lush greenery that contrast with the deep blue of the sea. The best beaches of Pelion are found on the eastern side of the peninsula, on the side of the Aegean Sea, including Mylopotamos, Fakistra, Damouchari, Papa Nero and Horefto.

Close to Tsagarada village are the amazing beaches of Mylopotamos and Fakistra. These two beaches are very popular and can get crowded in summer, due to the exotic surroundings with turquoise waters and steep green mountainsides.

Damouchari beach, on the Aegean side of Pelion, is also very popular, renowned for its big round pebbles and twin coves, as well as the remains of a Venetian castle and old storehouses. The beach is of great natural beauty and is very close to our Pelion Beach Villas.

At a short distance from Agios Ioannis settlement is the calm bay of Papa Nero, a wonderful beach with white pebbles and deep blue waters. Another very impressive cove, located οn the eastern slopes of Pelion, is Horefto, a place of charming scenery, ideal for fishing.


How to go to Pelion

In summer, visitors from abroad can get to Pelion by airplane, as there are charter flights arriving directly from European airports to the small airport of Anchialos, located 40km from Volos.

There are also bus services from many Greek cities that operate routes to Volos. From Volos, visitors can take another bus to various destinations in Pelion. Pelion is also in the middle way between Athens and Thessaloniki, so visitors can also go by car.